Diamond White makes history with her Marvel animation, ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’.


What if I told you we just stumbled upon a tale of a powerhouse actress shattering stereotypes, hitting high notes, and saving the day, all in one epic swoop? Sound as hyped as your favorite sneaker drop? It sure is! We’re here to chat about none other than Diamond White!

Diamond is not just any actress and singer; she’s now the sassy embodiment of the first Black teen superheroine on Disney+’s “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.” YEAH, you read that right! We’re talking Marvel comic book come to life, ladies and gents.

Premiering smack in the middle of Black History Month, could the timing be any more perfect? By now, we all know the impact of seeing representation on the big (and small) screen. Guess what? Diamond is all about it, too. She’s stoked to take on this eye-opening role, stating, “I think that you have to show representation to younger kids.”

So, who’s Diamond channeling in this showstopping series? She’s stepping into the brilliant kicks of Lunella Lafayette, a.k.a. Moon Girl. Lunella isn’t just an ordinary teen—she’s arguably one of the most kick-ass personas in the Marvel universe. Her weapon of choice? Pure brain power, y’all! This girl’s got a ‘think bomb’ of an intellect, fuelling the limitless power of STEM. We’re talking smarts, determination, and confidence stronger than your favorite high-tops!

“I wish I had a show like this growing up… It’s an all-inclusive show. It’s really beautiful.” Count me in; I’ve been waiting for this kind of show all my life! she said.

Through her journey in the series, the Bold and the Beautiful actress hopes young Black girls will realize they, too, can pack a punch in the beauty AND brain department. After all, why separate the two when you can rock both, right?

“But hey, it’s not all quantum physics and scientific stuff,” Diamond assures. “Lunella also is just a 13-year-old Black girl growing up,” giving us a slice-of-life experience relatable to everyone!

Diamond’s own connection to Moon Girl’s story is as real as it gets. Remember your first perm and the drama that followed? Diamond does. If only Moon Girl were around back then!

While the series promises Marvel-esque adventures, Diamond hopes audiences feel empowered watching Lunella handle her business across NYC. She also wants to ease off the pressure, insisting, “At the end of the day, she’s just a 13-year-old girl.”

Humbled to resonate with Lunella, especially during Black History Month, Diamond is about bringing her authentic self to the role and having a blast. After all, what’s the point of saving the day if you can’t have a lil’ fun, right?

So folks, we’ve got Diamond White, we’ve got a kick-ass Marvel series, and we’ve got representation. Sounds like we’re all set for an epic saga! As the sage advice goes, sign up, tune in, and brace yourself for awesomeness!

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur — now renewed for season 2 — is a power-packed adventure you can’t afford to miss. Stream it NOW on Disney+, and let’s rep all things cool and diverse, one episode at a time!

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