Issa Bolden releases the first episode for season two of ‘Virginia’.

Issa Bolden, a filmmaker from Virginia, has recently unveiled the premiere of the second season of his dramatic web series, “Virginia”. The series centers around Marc, a media consultant manager, who faces the challenge of starting his own media company while being haunted by his past. The series has gained a considerable following among viewers and fans alike.


The first episode of season two picks up from where the finale of the previous season left off. The main character, Marc, is on a mission to find his kidnapped daughter, who was taken by one of his employees. The employee has concealed the incident by leading Marc to believe that a known enemy was responsible for the abduction. In response, Marc retaliates by having his wife kidnapped until his daughter is found.

Season one was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with unexpected twists, intense action, and dramatic moments that explore the blurred lines between love and lust. It is highly recommended that viewers watch the first season before delving into the second season to avoid missing out on any vital story developments. Don’t miss out on this captivating storyline that is about to unfold.

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