Tink’s latest music video for the song “Save Your Soul” off her recently released album “Thanks 4 Nothing” is a powerful and visually stunning representation of her standards in a relationship. In this song, Tink emphasizes the importance of self-worth and lays out the rules for her partners, making it clear that she will not accept anything less than what she deserves.

With her signature soft vocals, Tink’s performance in the video is a true sight to behold. She showcases her independence, dripping in designer and giving looks for days. The visual is the perfect complement to the song, as it does it justice and amplifies its message even further.

One of Tink’s greatest strengths is her ability to make every song and every video a must-see. She has a unique talent for captivating her audience, and this latest release is no exception. At a time when we need more powerful female voices in the music industry, Tink’s music and message are a welcome addition.

In a recent statement about the album, Tink said, “I wrote this album specifically for single ladies. I wanted to give the girls a set of songs to play after the breakup. This is for anyone reclaiming their time. Reclaiming their joy. Reclaiming their sometimes we have to appreciate the good with the bad, hence Thanks 4 Nothing.”

Overall, Tink’s latest release is a testament to her talent as an artist and her commitment to empowering women through her music.

‘Thanks 4 Nothing’ out now.

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